OBITION and Li Tang present: Analog to Digital

OBITION and Li Tang present: Analog to Digital, an online international group exhibition running from November 19, 2020 – January 31, 2021.

Since the life-altering invention of the camera, artists have been grappling with how to integrate “old” and “new” technologies into their studio practices. Over the last few decades, the Internet and digital image manipulation software have pervaded our daily lives, adding even more complexity to the ways contemporary art is made, interpreted, and shared globally. In presenting Analog to Digital, we seek to enter this conversation with new works from five artists who each combine hand- and computer-based influences to create unique visual solutions. Artists included are Thomas Valianatos (Greece), Citron (Italy), Claudia Ungersbäck (Austria), Heliodoro Santos Sánchez (Mexico), and Jen Yoon (Republic of Korea). 

“We are delight to present the first group show of “obition”, Analog to Digital. The exhibition features a curated selection of innovative artists and works that highlight digital tool to broaden artistic perspectives during this historic era.
The central highlight of the exhibition is arguably one of the most important notions, “digital”, for contemporary artists. Many of the works in the exhibition have distinguished attributes based on use of digital tools. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the exhibition and sharing these exceptional pieces with you.”

– Ken Kim, Art Director, OBITION

“We are proud to announce the list of the selected artists that will take part in the international group exhibition Analog to Digital curated by OBITION and Li Tang. We received 218 artworks from all over the world and it was an incredibly difficult decision to narrow the list down to five artists. Thank you all for your participation and submissions.

Analog to Digital is the first collaboration international group exhibition by OBITION and Li Tang. We work together to share lights for artists and creatives. Please stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions and opportunities.”

– Webson Ji, Creative Director, Li Tang

Selected Artists


Thomas Valianatos, Greece

Compost n.1 from Citron | Lunardi on Vimeo.

Citron | Lunardi, Italy

Lat. copiare

Claudia Ungersbäck, Austria


Heliodoro Santos Sánchez, Mexico

Fortitudo, Witch Project, Digital, 2020

Jen Yoon, Republic of Korea

Analog to Digital was curated by Webson Ji, Founder and Creative Director at Li Tang, and Ken Kim, Art Director at OBITION. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all those who submitted works to our open call for this project. We received 218 artworks from all over the world and it was incredibly difficult decision to narrow the list down to five artists. 

To accompany the exhibition, we are partnering with Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations and ACCESS to host an online symposium to discuss the concepts and work with the artists. The symposium will be held online via Zoom video chat on January 31st, 2020. To register, please email us at; a link will be sent out with the time and access code for the meeting once registration email is received.

1) Host: Gloabl Alliance of Marketing & Managment Associations
2) Partners: ACCESS, Li Tang, OBITION
3) Date: 2021.1.31.
4) Presenters: 5 artists of “Analog to Digital”
5) The range of audience: For everyone
6) Registration fee: Free

To learn more about the artists and works included in Analog to Digital, visit

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