Call for Artists | “Be Your Own Hero” Asian Strength Art Competition

credit: Asians Are Strong and The Push

Reflecting on increases in anti-Asian violence and the release of the first Asian Marvel hero Movie ‘Shang Chi,’ two US Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations, Asians Are Strong and The Push, are set to launch an Art Competition about Asian Strength. With competition proceeds going to support community initiatives and nonprofits in NYC and San Francisco, this collaboration brings talent from the two coastal cities from East and West together, to empower Asian communities across the US.

‘Asians Are Strong’, a San Francisco-based non-profit that aims to educate and inspire the Asian community’s inner strengths and self-defense, is collaborating with ‘The Push’: an art group founded with aims to inform the greater public on targeted hate crimes through visual media.

The competition is a call for artists around the world to create their own understanding of Being Your Own Hero and Asian Strength. The project aims to inspire and continue the movement sprouted throughout America against anti-AAPI violence. The theme of the contest hopes to encourage the community to stand up and discover the strength they already possess in order to fend off the phenomenon of racially targeted hate crimes.

For more information on the organizing groups and further details on the contest, please visit:

  1. Asians Are Strong –
  2. The Push –


  1. EMPOWER the diverse Asian-American community to tap into the strength they already possess within: centering around the theme ‘Be Your Own Hero’.
  2. SUPPORT nonprofits that benefit relevant communities in need, while also promoting the work of Asian creatives
  3. INSPIRE people to imagine new worlds where communities uplift those in need through conscious action through visual art and media: from defending the community, raising awareness, or creating new social norms through new collective changes.


This Competition will have a public online voting process to determine the final winner, after an initial judging by renowned artists and public AAPI figures to select the top five finalists.

1st Place – $500

2nd Place – $200

3rd Place – $100

In addition to a cash reward, the winning artwork will be featured on the competition’s virtual exhibition and printed on merchandise to be sold.


October 27th, 2021


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