Art News | VillageOneArt Participates in the New York VOLTA Art Fair

New York, NY – We are pleased to announce that VillageOneArt Gallery will be participating in the VOLTA Art Fair in New York City from May 17th to 21st. The gallery will be featuring the works of three highly talented artists – Justin Natividad, Frances Matassa, and Timon I – all of whom have previously held solo exhibitions at the gallery.

The VOLTA Art Fair is a significant event in the art world that attracts global collectors, curators, and enthusiasts. The gallery is excited to be a part of this event and to contribute to the broad range of contemporary art presented.

Visitors are warmly invited to stop by the gallery’s booth and experience the outstanding artwork of these three artists. It is an opportunity to appreciate their magnificent creations and to witness firsthand the unique style and skill they bring to the art world.


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About Gallery

Founded in 2018, VillageOneArt Gallery is a women-led contemporary art space in the neighborhood of Chelsea, NYC, showcasing works from local and international artists of diverse backgrounds. The gallery’s foundational principles are established upon exploring the infinite bounds of human imagination through expansive and innovative mediums.

VillageOneArt Gallery serves as a necessary bridge between art and the public sphere, with a soul reflecting the evolving spirit of our era. Each exhibition sparks a temporal and cultural dialogue, inviting rich reflection and thought-provoking perspectives. The gallerist Vivienne Yang is a previous and well-known host of Phoenix Satellite Television, partnering with Christy Qin, the curator.

(text & photo courtesy of VillageOneArt Gallery)

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