Art Show | A Space & :iidrr Gallery Presents Ripple (lián 涟) Performance & Art Party

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A Space and :iidrr Gallery are pleased to announce the opening of the one-night Art Party Ripple on July 18th. Ripple (涟 lián) is a multisensory gathering that celebrates the nuances of diverse cultures. Just as the character “涟” suggests, Ripple encourages the connection of diasporic communities with water, evoking symbolic hydrography within the exhibition space. Although water flows in many directions, it ultimately returns to its source. Our aim is to create a cultural hub—a utopia that rewinds nostalgic memories in contemporary new mediums.

Ripple (涟 lián) draws an intimate connection from MaggZ’s childhood home in Kunming, China, by the lotus pond – covered in pink and green every summer. After they moved to Australia, the lotus has become a symbol of home that symbolizes warmth and innocence. MaggZ invites the participants to a world-building space of loving and embracing the human rhythm of highs and lows with compassion, honesty, and integrity.

Our installation artists are selected from diverse backgrounds with separate cultural roots, but are connected via the common theme of water. Both Peishan Huang and Danielle Gadus aim to create a poetic space filled with clothes that are analogous to water, with flexible and soft textures. Lulu Luyao Chang transforms plastic water bottles into stripes, creating a fluid body on the wall. Utilizing mechanical technology, Changcheng Yang’s interactive sculpture interprets “ripple” from an unusual perspective: The small balls, i.e, water molecules of the piece, are compressed and deformed under external force, maintaining a constantly dynamic state.

Affiliated with water imagery and themes, Alice Yutong Hua’s and Xuanyi Aura Wang’s works retrieve the memories of individuals and humanity as a whole, expressing the artists’ nostalgic feelings and inner conflicts. Sophie Ruoyu Zhang employs oil, coffee, and napa cabbage, among other natural materials, to compose the piece ‘Underwater Ground,’ creating random and accidental beauty. Tong Wang’s mixed-media piece invites the audience to embrace the guardian angel and nurturing water, and her personal mysterious experience has been spread through the process of ‘purification.’ Similarly, Keqiao Chen’s short film adopts the metaphor of hunting to demonstrate her spiritual self-discovery journey.

Alex Angel’s and Reuben Brown’s digital pieces use distorted glitches and lighting techniques to create an engaging environment for the audience to experience the ripple effect.

Junyan Chen and Amos Jin are DJs from China, playing techno for the party. They invite all participants to fully enjoy themselves under their ‘electronic droplets’ by swinging to the wave-like rhythm.

In summary, this art party celebrates the amalgamation of multiple art mediums and offers an aesthetic experience for everyone. Diasporic communities are connected through their cultural memory of the ripple (涟 lián), a melody of life.

Date & Time

July 18th, 7 PM -11 PM


Alex Angel, Reuben Brown, Lulu Luyao Chang, Ker Chen, Junyan Chen, Danielle Gadus, Alice Yutong Hua, Peishan Huang, Amos Jin, MaggZ, Tong Wang, Xuanyi Aura Wang, Changcheng Yang, Sophie Ruoyu Zhang


A Space & MaggZ


:iidrr Gallery

162 Allen StreetNew York, NY, 10002

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