Art Show | The Tale of Errantry to the End of the Night 茫茫黑夜漫游

poster credit: Chiarina Chen

The Tale of Errantry to the End of the Night is a group exhibition exploring uncanny diasporic narratives and relations. The exhibition presents 15 works, including new commissions, two site-specific sound installations, and three interactive performances.

The title is inspired by Édouard Glissant’s notion of errantry, which suggests a departure from fixed notions of belonging and instead embraces wanderings and changes. In Glissant’s sense, the root is not important. Movement is. And identity is not entirely within the root but also in relation.

Spanning works of sculptures, installations, paintings, and performances, artists contest the fixed notion of roots and reject the oversimplification approach that often reduces them to mere physical or geographical categorizations. Navigated by each artist’s peculiar time and space, the show unveils a collection of tales. The fluid and transformative natures of diasporic experience are materialized and embedded in each piece in subtle, unspeakable ways, ranging from explorations of dreams and myths to the afterlife and nonhuman kinship.

The show defamiliarizes ways of sensing art by embracing elements of night and fragility while engaging in the intimate theater space in the Broadway district. It invites viewers to not only delve into the depths of the complexity of belonging, but also witness how unexpected relationality can inspire living intersectional in a shifting posthumanistic reality.

During open hours, the curator has created a therapeutic ‘night-stroll’ one-on-one session for visitors to schedule to get the fullest experience.

Performance Schedule

  • Standing on the Bridge that Divides the World | Performance by Lu Zhang Sep 8, 7 PM-8 PM
  • WEND | Performance by Alchemyverse (Bicheng Liang and Yixuan Shao) Sep 9, 5 PM-6 PM
  • Closing Event | Healing Gathering and Raga Music with Chiarina Chen and Nikhil Shah Sep 16, 6 PM-8 PM


Alchemyverse (Bicheng Liang and Yixuan Shao), Amir Shpilman, Lu Zhang, Shuyi Cao, Yasue Maetake, MimiBai, Kyoung eun Kang, Han Qin, Helia Chitsazan, Jiao Yang Li, Chang An, Nikhil Shah

Curator & Producer

Chiarina Chen

Exhibition Dates

September 6-16, 2023

11AM – 8PM (by appointment)

Opening Reception

Wednesday, September 6, 5- 9 PM 


Chain Theater 

312 W 36 St 4th Fl, New York, NY

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About Curator

Chiarina Chen is a New York-based independent curator and writer. From a psychology and art history background, her curatorial praxis explores contemporary pathologies and posthuman philosophy. She has produced international projects merging art and emotional technology, ranging from mixed media, sound installations, cyborg performances, and experimental theater. Her notable series include Poetics of Inquiry: How to Stay with Trouble (MIT), Collecting Anxiety (Multi Venues in New York City and Worldwide), Is This Intimacy? (University of Applied Arts Vienna and Krinzinger Projekte), Magic Back to Town (Cyborg Foundation), and The Wasteland of the Future(Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Art and Philosophy Center, Fudan University). Chen holds a master’s in Contemporary Art Management and Criticism from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and a bachelor’s in psychology, specializing in cognitive and criminal psychology, from Syracuse University. She is the annual reviewer and curator at the American Society of Media Photography (ASMP) New York Chapter and member of the Posthuman Research Group at New York University.

(text & photo courtesy of Chiarina Chen)

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