photo credit: Cheng Gong
photo credit: Cheng Gong

| Vision |

Li Tang is a New York-based online platform dedicated to having a voice for contemporary Asian culture. Founded in 2020, our goal is to feature today’s most innovative Asian practitioners who share love and passion with their communities.

| Mission |

We send invitations to emerging and established Asian creatives and we encourage recommendations from the communities. By valuing recommendations, we are able to share lights to those who may not be considered as the most commercially successful (yet). We believe if people get to know each other at a deeper level, our community will be closer and more supportive.

| Team |

We are a team of professional artists, designers, and curators who work together to present the journeys of the creatives we interviewed. We want to explore the stories behind their inspirational practice and how they play leading roles in their careers.

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