| Creative Director |

Webson Ji 

Webson is a New York-based multimedia artist. He holds an M.A. degree in Sculpture from Savannah College of Art and Design and a B.F.A. degree in Public Art from China Academy of Art. Webson founded Li Tang as an assembly hall to connect those who give and shine from the Asian Community. He is currently focusing on providing and offering for the Li Tang community.

“As an artist myself, I understand how important it is to get motivated and inspired by influencers who we look up to.”

| Academic Director |

Huixian Dong

Huixian is an Art history Ph.D. candidate focusing on Asian contemporary art. She has an MFA degree in Arts Entrepreneurship and Management from Arizona State University. In 2013, Huixian founded a we-media named Art Map on WeChat and gathered more than 49,000 followers by the end of 2015. She was a freelance art critic and had numerous publications on Beijing Youth Daily. From 2017 to 2021, she led an exhibition team, curated two historical exhibitions, and directed the exhibition films. 

“The goal of life is not to live forever but to create something that will inspire people who share the same interests with you.”

| Creative Associate |

Adrian D. Cameron

Adrian is a Brooklyn-based artist with over twenty years of experience in a diversity of creative fields, including media design, theater, performance art, sound design, and computational creativity. He is an alumnus of Brooklyn College’s Performance & Interactive Media Arts MFA program, beginning his career as a freelance director in New York City before relocating to Seattle in 2006 where, as the Founder/Bureau Chief of Irrational Robot Bureau, he presented numerous original experimental theater productions. His most recent work explores the creative applications of both established and emergent technologies. 

“Breathe and listen, cultivate enthusiasm, establish stimulating circumstances, make and repeat.”

| Creative Associate |

Shuai Xu (Edward)

Edward is a UX designer and digital painter dedicated to creating artwork and visual design. He holds an MFA in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts. Currently, he works as a UX designer at ByteDance / TikTok in Mountain View, California. Edward is an idea generator in storytelling. 

“Never underestimate how huge the potential you can learn from another artist and the inspirations you offer others as well.”

| Creative Associate |

Tyler Weng

Tyler is a creative based in Atlanta, GA. He is into traveling and photography. Nothing stops Tyler from making magic happen.

“Sharing ideas is like drinking bubble tea. Sweet and bubbles.”

| Creative Associate |

Lauren Manning

Lauren is a California-born artist, currently living in remote Central Interior Alaska. Throughout the past ten years working in the arts, her jobs have included gallery and event installation work, classroom teaching, curation, administrative and managerial roles, web and graphic design, carpentry, interior painting, and more. Lauren’s current interests are based in research into sustainable art practices as well as how issues relating to the environment, colonialism, and racism are being addressed in the art world.

“Remember that we are all just specks on this planet, holding on to a rock that’s shooting through space. No man is an island, life is an incredibly special event. Breathe. Observe. Be kind. Enjoy the ride.”