Call for Artists | UAAD Magazine Annual Edition Feature & Group Show

Poster credit: Underground Art And Design

UAAD is pleased to announce our open call for our annual edition & immersive group exhibition, Alt-Alterity. Alt-Alterity explores alternative perspectives on “alterity” or “otherness”, which exist beyond the scope of what might be considered familiar or known, yet constitute the underlying narrative of planet Earth.

The annual edition and virtual exhibition will together create spaces for critical discourse, engage a multigenerational and international group of artists, brands, and organizations, and bring the readers and viewers a truly transmedia experience curated with love, care, and respect for the artists as well as the land. Selected artists can also be featured in UAAD’s press releases on major news sites.

For artists, all media and styles are welcome, including born-digital artifacts alongside digitized works of traditional media. For vendors (brands and organizations), all categories are welcome as long as your crafts share a similar design vision or artistic voice that is eco-centric/ queer/ fluid/ avant-garde/ etc.


  • In-depth Interview for The Print Edition & Front-Page Feature
    • Share your exclusive story in a professionally curated interview, reaching 103 countries and be featured on the front page in the “Weekly Highlight” section.
  • Immersive Virtual Group Exhibition
    • Participate in a highly anticipated virtual exhibition on, transcending traditional boundaries and reaching audiences beyond spatial limits.
  • Social Media Feature
    • Your work will be highlighted in a dedicated video across our social media platforms, reaching a wider art community.
  • Newsletter Promotion
    • Your interview will be spotlighted in our weekly newsletter, with over 6000 subscribers.
  • Sell Your Artwork/Craft Easily Throughout  TheExhibition Period
    • Leverage our online store to create a smooth purchasing experience for our visitors.
  • Mentions of Your Work Across Influential News Sites
    • Get published on our network of over 200 influential news sites that receive 28 million visitors every month for a boost in exposure and search rankings.

About the exhibition organizer and gallery partner

Underground Art And Design was founded in October 2022 as an international media platform focused on empowering talented, change-provoking, and forward-thinking artists and designers through accessible information, resources, and a platform to show themselves. UAAD envisions a community of support, across disciplines and time zones, to bring inspiration, innovation, and provocation to the world we live in.

Our gallery partner is New Art City, an online multiplayer exhibition space for digital art and performance. New Art City is an artist-run organization dedicated to supporting artists, providing virtual space for those who are denied physical space, and amplifying the work of those who face systemic injustice. You can find their work at


October 1, 2023. All submissions will also be considered for other opportunities such as our online magazine feature and future group shows.

Exhibition Period

Dec 2023 – Feb 2024


We welcome artists of all backgrounds and experience levels to submit to this opportunity. Artists must be 18+.

Application Fee

$15 (USD)

Editorial & Exhibition Participation Fee

$80 per artist (USD)

(If selected, the application fee will be included in your total participation fee.)

To become a sponsor (calling brands and organizations), we offer a high-value $500 package, including the following benefits:

  • 1x exclusive story (800-1000 words) of your brand/organization in our annual edition
  • 1x digital booth tailored to your visual style in our virtual exhibition space with links to your merchandise/websites
  • UAAD Online Store Page (coming soon) for our audience to make seamless purchases of your products
  • Mentions of your brand in our influential press release across 200+ news sites.

A 30% commission will apply to all sales made during the show, applicable when total sales surpass $500.

To learn more and submit via our website:




(text & photo courtesy of Underground Art And Design)

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